9/11 Free Fall 1/26/17: The Plasco Building in Iran

Host Andy Steele is joined by civil engineer Roland Angle and architect Dan Barnum to discuss the fall of the 17-story Plasco Building in Tehran, Iran, on January 19. They point out the indicators they see that explosives may have been used in its destruction and explain how those indicators relate to the 9/11 controlled demolition evidence.


  1. Thank you for following the Plascon building demolition in Tehran.

    Posted here : AE911Truth : 911Freefall.com : Engineer and Architect Discuss the Tehran Building Collapse


    The Plasco building was built by the iranian Jewish businessman, Habib Elghanayan, who was executed by Revolutionary Iran in 1979.

    See here : Iran, Tehran Plasco Building Demolition, the Manhattan building explosion and the Iranian Nuclear Deal


    Mark Gobell

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