9/11 Free Fall 8/23/18: 9/11 Justice For All

Host Andy Steele joined by Richard Gage, AIA and 9/11 family member Matt Campbell to discuss AE911Truth’s upcoming event, “9/11 Justice for All” which will take place in Washington DC on this year’s September 11th anniversary.

Richard and Andy also remember AE911Truth Board Member Dan  Barnum, FAIA, who passed away earlier this week.


9/11 Free Fall 8/9/18: Blocked at Green Party National Convention

Host Andy Steele invites Oregon Green Party congressional candidate Marvin Sannes to discuss his campaign for office and to comment on the Green Party’s refusal to allow him floor space for a booth to present AE911Truth’s evidence at the party’s national convention.


9/11 Free Fall 8/2/18: Seth McVey, Structural Engineer


Host Andy Steele is joined by structural engineer Seth McVey, who volunteers for AE911Truth’s Project Due Diligence. Andy opens the show by reviewing the names of first responders who have recently died or are still suffering from Ground-Zero-related illnesses.



9/11 Free Fall 6/28/18: Richard Squires on “A Blanket of Dust”

Host Andy Steele is joined by playwright Richard Squires to discuss his latest play, “A Blanket of Dust”—a political thriller about a 9/11 widow who, having awakened to the truth about that terrible day, seeks justice for her slain husband in the face of overwhelming resistance from family members, the media and government officials.



9/11 Free Fall 6/14/18: Jason Rice, P.E.

Host Andy Steele is joined by professional engineer Jason Rice, a recent signatory to AE911Truth’s petition calling for a new investigation of the World Trade Center destruction. They talk about Rice’s take on the WTC evidence, his experience as a U.S. Army officer combat engineer trained in explosives, and his views on why young people—especially those pursuing careers in engineering and in the military—should understand the truth about 9/11.



9/11 Free Fall 6/7/18: Casey Pfeiffer, Structural Engineer

Host Andy Steele is joined by structural engineer and AE911Truth Advisory Board member Casey Pfeiffer. They discuss the destruction of the three towers in New York City on September 11, 2001, including the impossibility of the official narrative.