9/11 Free Fall 11/3/16: Truth 2016

Just one week before a new US President is elected, Free Fall host Andy Steele talks about political developments during the election season and what they may reveal about the American Establishment, whose power brokers try to keep the 9/11 controlled demolition evidence marginalized. He also discusses what effect, if any, a Trump or Clinton administration might have on the 9/11 Truth Movement.


9/11 Free Fall 10/20/16: Protecting Firefighters and other Protectors

Activist and former firefighter Dale Pierce returns to talk about his new website which advocates for soldiers and for the firefighters who have to deal with the obvious and immediate safety hazard that’s presented by NIST’s implausible official explanation of what happened to WTC 7.


9/11 Free Fall 10/13/16: Corporate Media Attacks Again

In this episode of 9/11 Free Fall, host Andy Steele politely rails against a recent anti-9/11 Truth rant by all five hosts of the Fox News show “The Five.” He then reviews previous attacks that the corporate-controlled news and entertainment media have leveled against anyone who questions the official 9/11 story.


9/11 Free Fall10/6/16: Saudi Journalists Cite Controlled Demolition Evidence in Response to JASTA

In this episode of 9/11 Free Fall host Andy Steele covers articles currently published at AE911Truth.org, including Craig Mckee’s recent article about Bob’s McIlvaine, and his belief that his son’s death at the WTC was caused by an explosion. Andy also discusses how the new JASTA law is prompting members of the Saudi press to talk more openly about the WTC controlled demolition issue.


9/11 Free Fall 9/22/16: 9/11 Justice and Other Things . . .

Jeff Long, AE911Truth’s Director of Marketing and Social Media Director, returns to the Free Fall show to share his thoughts with host Andy Steele about the recent Justice in Focus symposium in New York City. They talk about, among other things, how 9/11 justice has been pursued in 2016.


9/11 Free Fall 9/15/16: Post Anniversary Rundown

In this episode of his weekly show, Andy Steele reviews the highlights of the 9/11 Justice in Focus symposium, held on September 10th and 11th in New York City. He also points out the snide comments the corporate media made about the 9/11 Truth Movement during this year’s 15th anniversary of the attacks. Next Andy plays a clip of an interview that Donald Trump gave, allegedly on the day of 9/11 itself, in which he talked about the strength of the Twin Towers and speculated about explosive devices having possibly been used to level them. (Trump issued his remarks before the official story had been cemented in the controlled media, which made such controversial conversations taboo).


9/11 Free Fall 9/1/16: The AE911Truth Booth

In this episode of the 9/11 Free Fall show, Andy Steele is joined by Marvin Sannes and other activists who served in the “AE911Truth booth” at the Oregon State Fair this week. Speaking live from the fairgrounds, the Oregon contingent discusses outreach efforts and talks with the fair-goers who stop by to learn about World Trade Center Building 7 — the tower that crumpled into a heap in seven seconds even though no airplane hit it.


9/11 Free Fall 8/18/16: Ted Walter and Tony Szamboti Address Latter’s Letter to Prof. Bažant

Ted Walter and Tony Szamboti join host Andy Steele to discuss Szamboti’s open letter to Northwestern University professor of civil engineering Zdeněk Bažant, upon whose theory the US government based its flawed account of how the Twin Towers were destroyed on 9/11. Szamboti’s letter is the crux of a booklet that AE911Truth has created to send to 35,000 structural and civil engineers across the country this month.