9/11 Free Fall 12/8/16: Standing up for America by standing up for 9/11 Truth

In this Pearl Harbor anniversary week episode of 9/11 Free Fall, AE911Truth board member Roland Angle reveals his family’s personal connection to the historic tragedy. He also offers insight on the need for a new investigation into the destruction of the three World Trade Center towers, discusses AE911Truth’s current projects, and calls on engineers to speak out about the controlled demolition evidence.

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  1. That education be an “insurance”, yes. But who gives education is another issue. Although I fully agree that the educational job AE911 gives itself as essential, I believe that as long as schools and university, which have the necessary symbolic weigh in the rational mind of grown citizens and societies, the truth on 911 as the inaugurating event of this century will be but a imaginative thought for people.
    It is a matter of common reason, which is historically based in the age Enlightenments and, first-of-all, Newton’s laws, basis of our modern world.

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