9/11 Free Fall 7/16/15: Victoria N. Alexander, author of “Locus Amoenus”

Victoria N. Alexander talks about her latest novel, “Locus Amoenus.” Her retelling of William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” features a bureaucrat at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the role of King Claudius and a 9/11 Science Truth advocate playing Hamlet.

In the show’s first 10 minutes, Free Fall host Andy Steele will give an update on the European Society for Engineering Education’s censorship of an ethics-in-engineering paper that was to be presented at its 2015 conference earlier this month. The paper, which had been accepted but was banned a few days before SEFI’s annual conference in France, argues that the integrity of the engineering profession has been undermined by the failure of engineering professional associations and faculties at universities to critically examine NIST’s World Trade Center reports.

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