You’re either with US or THEM — 9/11 Truth as a Political Weapon

Recently RFK Jr. expressed his doubts about the 9/11 official story while a guest on Peter Bergen’s podcast. Bergen tried to stifle the discussion as WTC 7 was cited but was the one who introduced the subject to the outspoken candidate to begin with, by asking him what his views on 9/11 were.

What’s going on there?

In this episode of 9/11 Free Fall, Andy Steele is joined by journalist, Craig McKee to discuss the recent on-air exchange, how open-minded political candidates over the years have been put on the spot by members of the media about their 9/11 views, and how the media uses the 9/11 truth advocates in certain candidates’ base of supporters as a tactic to derail their campaigns.

Andy and Craig also analyze past clips of mainstream media attacks on the truth movement to spotlight the concerted effort that has been made by the media to marginalize those who question the 9/11 official story.

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