9/11 Free Fall 2/16/17: The Side Effects of Being Informed

Craig McKee of Truth and Shadows discusses with host Andy Steele his recent article, “Being a truther means ridicule, insults, and polite dismissals from those who grabbed the blue pill.” They talk about how the article is meant to give readers insight into the effects that being a truth activist has on interactions with others.


  1. Great interview. Just amazing that people are not into constructively discussing this historically critical, once in a lifetime event. I wonder how Sigmund Freud or Carl Jung would have assessed the public’s unconstructive analysis of this huge story as a reflection of ‘the human condition’ and the world we live in.

  2. If A.I. ever becomes as smart as many people think it’ll be do you think it’ll just provide a final and forceful close to this greatest of social and intellectual fiascos of modern times since the introduction of the Trojan horse?

  3. I hear you guys!
    I tried to organize a conference here in Québec City as part of Richard Gage’s 2014 cross Canada Tour and all doors just closed up. My life really got turned upside down! I wound up having to cancel our participation! I’ve been a 9/11 Truth & Justice Seeker since 2002 and in Québec City… it’s been difficult.

  4. I have never found that when people are presented with convincing evidence ,that they will not find it convincing. It is the measure of convincing evidence, that people find it convincing. The people who are doing the convincing should be open to the possibility that the fact that people are not convinced might be because the things they are telling them are not very convincing. The problem could be with the message and not with the people the message is being directed at. Otherwise you can go on in a linear fashion just looking for explanations for people’s resistance to what you present, every explanation except the one that requires rethinking your own beliefs and conclusions. With 911 that linear mindset requires more and more people to be involved in cover-ups and collusion and being accessories to mass murder, something that makes the whole idea just less and less plausible. No one who is looking for the truth should be disappointed to find it, no matter what it is.

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