9/11 Free Fall 8/16/12– Reports of Explosions at the World Trade Center on 9/11

In this episode of 9/11 Free Fall, Bernie and Andy talk about explosions on 9/11 and play the words of William Rodriguez, a maintenance worker at the World Trade Center who heard an explosion beneath him before the first airplane hit the towers on 9/11. They also play clips of Graeme MacQueen, who studied eyewitness reports of explosions at Ground Zero during 9/11. As well, Andy talks about the current election and the worthlessness of empty, partisan politics as the truth of 9/11 lays like a dead body in America’s basement.

This is the first episode of 9/11 Free Fall aired on No Lies Radio. To hear previous episodes, including interviews with 9/11 scholars, go to www.911freefall.com. Produced and hosted by Bernie Suarez and Andrew Steele.

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