Dr. Hulsey: There was nothing right about anything NIST did

Retired structural engineering professor Dr. J Leroy Hulsey joins host Andy Steele for this latest edition of 9/11 Free Fall to talk about his upcoming presentation to faculty and students from the University of Alaska, Anchorage on the startling findings documented in the study he coauthored regarding WTC 7’s demise on 9/11. Throughout this insightful interview, Dr. Hulsey discusses some of the work that went into performing the study and takes on the baseless criticisms voiced by those who oppose it. Turning the tables, both Hulsey and Steele also discuss the glaring problems with the analysis performed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology on WTC 7’s collapse. The UAF Report on World Trade Center 7 can be viewed at the university’s website and is prominently featured in presentations by the volunteer engineers of Project Due Diligence, which is sharing the WTC evidence with building professionals all over the nation.

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