He escaped, and now he won’t be silenced

Allaaeldin Abuasaker is the CEO and founder of Palestine Charity Team. He was one of the many Gazans trapped in the middle of the current conflict, and while we tried to interview him in a previous episode of 9/11 Free Fall, his power was cut after only a few minutes and his voice was silenced.

Having now escaped the devastation, he returns with Palestine Charity Team Vice President, Kelly David, to share his story and to speak more about the organization he founded.

People are attempting to escape the devastation in Gaza. While Allaaeldin is now safe, his family remains stranded in the occupied land.

YOU can help them get out by donating at the link below.


Palestine Charity Team provided hope and community to the poorest families in Rafah, Gaza. Since October, they have been aiding the many displaced families on the ground by supplying them with the basic resources they need to survive and will continue to do so.

To learn more about their important work and to have your dollars help those suffering most directly from the war, visit PalestineCharity.org and voice your protest by contributing today.

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