The Campbell Family is NOT Backing Down, and Neither Should We

The Solicitor General for England and Wales, acting on behalf of the Attorney General for England and Wales, once again has denied the Campbell family’s application for a fresh inquest into the death Geoff Campbell at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Without addressing any of the evidence which clearly demonstrates that the Twin Towers were brought down in controlled demolitions, the Solicitor General’s decision relied solely on obtuse bias and the hollow authority of the NIST reports, robbing Geoff, as well as thousands of other victims at the WTC, the justice they deserve.  

It’s clear now that the system is stonewalling, hoping the Campbells give up. But they AREN’T, and WE and our army of supporters, are standing with them!

In this special episode of 9/11 Free Fall, host Andy Steele is joined by Matt Campbell, the brother of Geoff who has taken the lead in the push for a new inquest into Geoff’s death. The Campbells are demanding a judicial review.

But they need YOUR help to make it happen. With Geoff’s case now at a critical moment, in this interview Matt dismantles the Solicitor General’s irresponsible ruling and lays out the battle plan for the next chapter of his family’s historical fight.

The Campbells must raise £60,000 (roughly $76,000) by March 1st to make their stand.

Will YOU stand with them?

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