Special Report: Deception, Subversion, and Silence

In this special three-hour edition of 9/11 Free Fall, host Andy Steele is joined by Bernie Suarez and Craig McKee to reveal a year-long investigation that began with the discovery of a fake Facebook profile, purporting to be Bernie, created by troll Nelson Martins (aka Dj Thermal Detonator). A close examination of this reveals a sinister campaign against the 9/11 Truth Movement and key members of 9/11 organizations that appears to be aimed at pushing the movement closer and closer towards accepting the official story.  

Conclusive evidence is presented, including a full confession at the end, that not only is Martins impersonating Bernie and using his identity to misrepresent his views, but fellow trolls Adam Fitzgerald and Ed Brotherton appear to be in on the ruse. The episode reveals the efforts of Martins and Fitzgerald to badger the movement into ignoring the controlled demolition evidence and accepting the official story of the Pentagon event while they smear key individuals at the Lawyer’s Committee for 9/11 Inquiry and AE911Truth.

In a shocking turn of events, Fitzgerald states in a video that a prominent AE911Truth staff member (and three others) “threatened” and “doxxed” David Chandler, although Fitzgerald has to admit he has no evidence to back this up. Given an opportunity to dispel these false accusations by making clear he was never threatened or doxxed by these people, Chandler flatly refuses to comment…

Show Table of Contents

0:47 Introduction
4:00 The “fake Bernie” story; Craig notices on Facebook
9:28 The plan to expose fake Bernie;
9:59 Reading the conversation
16:31 There’s something much deeper going on…
17:00 The “knee problem”…
18:39 Martins has multiple profiles
19:27 The We Are Change story
24:54 Aggressively pushing much of the official story
27:02 Craig’s history with Nelson
33:51 Demanding we agree with them…
34:51 Creating diversity and doubt, pushing us towards official story
35:21 No hijackers put on par with holograms
37:19 They’ve made us afraid to talk about the Pentagon
40:06 9/11 still the crime of the century
41:06 Ken Doc lies about Craig
42:48 Mick West interviews Martins
46:42 Fitzgerald and Brotherton in on the ruse
58:58 Impersonating someone is a crime
1:02:58 Shut up and accept the official story
1:04:30 They don’t just restrict themselves to 9/11
1:04:46 Crimes all around
1:08:30 Undermining 9/11 with 98% of the official story
1:07:37 Ryan Dawson another liar and troll
1:10:27 Martins gives Andy a friend request
1:11:00 Satanists for 9/11 Truth?
1:11:18 Nelson talks to Andy

1:13:59 Martins slips, reveals himself.
1:15:01 Martins and Fitzgerald work as a team

1:15:58 Fanboy comment
1:16:32 Enter Ed Brotherton
1:18:31 Useless Canadian?

1:19:32 Martins responds to fanboy comment
1:20:46 Nelson admits he and Brotherton Zooming with Coste and Jenkins
1:20:56 Chandler endorses Martins’s films
1:22:41 Fitzgerald trashes Gage
1:22:56 Fitzgerald audio clips
1:41:22 Craig reacts to clips
1:42:30 Mocking “conspiracy theories”
1:44:03 Coste lies about apology
1:45:13 Coste fakes Ranke quote
1:46:38 Chandler tries to get Craig fired
1:47:22 Andy praises Kelly David

1:47:44 Email by Kelly stating no personal animosity towards Chandler
1:49:35 Fitzgerald accuses Kelly of threatening and doxxing Chandler
1:52:50 Fitzgerald can’t back up doxxing claim to Andy
2:04:34 Craig and Adam Ruff crushed Coste in debate
2:07:09 Cointelpro not proven by confession
2:08:06 The fear of not being accepted

2:09:15 Craig on calls for “unity”

2:11:52 Don’t have a right to anyone else’s press

2:13:25 The control of information just as much a part of 9/11 as 9/11 itself.
2:14:45 Chandler refuses to comment about doxxing
2:21:31 Andy’s sums it up

2:26:58 Andy on “unity”
2:29:03 Bernie and Craig: final remarks

2:35:43 Post interview update

2:35:47 Reaction to Cognitive Infiltration show

2:36:49 AE story from 2010 and new troll talking point 

2:38:14 Rebuttal to new talking point

2:40:06 Comment from one FB group administrator

2:40:40 Fitzgerald doesn’t seem to like Andy, either, after Sunstein show.

2:41:20 Nelson Martins confesses to running fake Bernie account. 

2:44:47 Nelson tries to dissuade Andy from focusing on Sunstein.

2:45:19 Nelson’s confession message is written better than normal for some reason.

2:45:32 Nelson and Ed want to get Andy in a video conference call.

UPDATE: Some time after the show aired, Mr. Chandler wrote to me…sort of. He sent an email to an obscure No Lies Radio inbox that I have no connection to whatsoever, despite the fact that he had my actual email address and had corresponded to me only a short while before. (Maybe a way to “show me!” without actually “showing me“. Anyhoo, it eventually made its way to me.

He didn’t seem too pleased with your friendly neighborhood Free Fall guy.

In this correspondence, not only does he dishonestly try to spin, speculate, and warp reality in order to cover for Fitzgerald on the brazenly false claims that a staff member threatened and doxed him, but his defense contradicts Fitzy’s own words when doubling down on the claim. (page 1)

To put it another way, I didn’t hear a “whoops” there, so I called him out on it. (pages 2-7)

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