“Israel’s 9/11” AND the Original One

As the bloody events in Israel and Gaza unfold, host Andy Steele is joined by Jeremy Kuzmarov, who has authored four books on U.S. foreign policy and has undertaken extensive research on the covert dimensions of U.S. foreign policy and the false manipulations of the public in selling American wars.

In this episode the two discuss what is being called “Israel’s 9/11” and compare coverage of it to the coverage of 9/11 itself during its aftermath, and the similarities between the two as an agenda-driven media attempts to mold the public’s collective mind in favor of longtime U.S. government ambitions in the Middle East.

They also highlight the potential dangers for the entire world if the situation escalates even further, and why the public must learn from the past and vocally question the direction they’re being pushed in every step of the way!

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